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Incube Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a Design Services company primarily focused on Embedded Software and System Solutions development catering to Consumer Electronics applications. The company is deeply involved in development of Multimedia Software IP that includes various Audio, Speech and Video codecs running in software on a variety of RISC/DSP platforms namely ARC, ARM, Xtensa, TI processors. The key people have good algorithm optimization expertise and where software-only codecs do not fit into the MHz budget, solutions can be offered in combination of software and HW acceleration. Total multimedia solution development is the key technical asset of Incube wherein multiple teams are involved in design and development of Drivers, multimedia framework with standard API and integration with RTOS like MQX, Nucleus and open OS like Embedded Linux. The company is poised to build complete reference platforms including Hardware boards built around the designs implemented in standard FPGAs or ASICs and development and integration of software in structured framework running on these platforms. It offers these solutions and services to multinational companies operating globally including India.

Exploiting the strengths of the founders of the company in ASIC development, as a diversified activity design services are also offered in IC Layout engineering for both Custom Digital designs and Analog designs and RTL and Design Verification services at IP and full ASIC/SoC level. With strong expertise in Embedded SW development too, the company is uniquely positioned to provide total system development and validation services.

Incube Solutions Pvt. Ltd is represented by SoCtronics Inc. of San Jose, California, a sales and business development organization.
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