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Audio Processing Subsystem:

Audio Processing Subsystem (APS) is a powerful audio engine which can accelerate all audio/speech codec and post-processing algorithms. This can be used to offload audio processing load from the applications processor or host CPU, thereby enabling a better overall system performance and response. The subsystem is designed to be highly configurable enabling the system designer to choose his sweet-spot in terms of performance, power and die-size.


APS has the capability to process multiple audio / speech streams in parallel and render them directly by performing the required sampling rate conversion and mixing operations. This capability is essential in complex systems such as game consoles and other gaming centric devices. Alternatively, it can also be used to perform only the codec processing, while the mixing and rendering are handled by the infrastructure in the host CPU.

One of the important features of APS is the support for code re-locatability which is required in all but very specific and simple systems. It also has the capability to de-couple to a large extent, the performance of the real-time audio processing algorithms from the system memory latencies which can be very large in complex systems with a large number of memory clients.
APS comes with a well designed and efficient firmware that provides an easy interface to the multimedia middleware in the host CPU to effectively use all the features of the hardware. The firmware includes various well optimized audio and speech codecs and a scheduler to enable multiple instances to these codecs to run in parallel. Incube also has its own implementation of OpenMAX IL layer running on the host CPU that communicates with the APS firmware through a thin IPC layer.
APS hardware is tested and validated on FPGA platforms. APS demos are available on these platforms where a windows PC is used as host and APS running on the FPGA is the subsystem. On the host side Incube’s OpenMAX IL layer is integrated into Media Foundation middleware, enabling any application that runs above the MF layer to offload the audio/speech codec processing to the APS running on the FPGA board.
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