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OS & Device Drivers
OS & Device Drivers

Incube solutions has extensive experience on the following OSes

  1. RTOS
  2. Linux / Android
  3. Windows
RTOS (MQX, Nucleus)

Incube’s team worked exclusively for the release of different versions of MQX RTOS ported to ARC processors on different hardware platforms. Our team worked on bringing out different flavours of this RTOS with multiple feature enhancements.


Our team is positioned to develop any plug-in packages like File systems, Network stack in the RTOS frame work. We have experience in developing various device drivers and integrating with applications for MQX and Nucleus platforms.


We have exposure to various aspects of Linux development from boot code development, to BSP and device drivers development on different platforms. We have experience with porting Linux and embedded Linux on different hardware platforms. We have knowledge of Linux power management and security architectures. We are currently involved in developing the following drivers for Linux, apart from boot code and BSP development:

  1. Gigabit Ethernet
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Display
  5. Touch-screen
  6. NAND
  7. Power Management
  8. Keypad
  9. Mouse
  10. File system drivers

We have large teams working on application development for multiple Android platforms. The teams have expertise on the entire Android stack which includes multimedia, security, graphics, power management and application layers.


We are currently actively working on various aspects of Windows OS related development. Our main activities include:

  1. BIOS development
  2. ACPI
  3. Device Drivers
  4. Applications

We are working on the following device drivers:

  1. Gigabit Ethernet
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Camera
  5. SPI
  6. SMBus
  7. LPC
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